Mobil Polyrex™ EM grease and Mobil Engineering Services helps Chinese electric motor OEM save more than US $12K annually*

Company-estimated annual savings of

more than US $12,000
Mobil Polyrex™ EM grease success story


Hebei Electric Motor Co., Ltd. is a leading electric motor manufacturer in China, with growing sales in Asia and Europe. To meet increasing customer demands, they needed to respond quickly to complaints about bearing noise and grease bleeding. The company approached ExxonMobil engineers for an alternative lubricant solution capable of mitigating these issues and improving overall equipment performance.


Following an on-site investigation and analysis of the bearings, the ExxonMobil lube engineer recommended Mobil Polyrex™ EM grease. Formulated with advanced thickeners in a proprietary manufacturing process, Mobil Polyrex™ EM provides improved electric motor bearing performance and protection for long equipment life.

The company also modified the bearing structure to further reduce the occurrence of grease bleeding from the bearing.


After making the switch to Mobil Polyrex™ EM grease and reconstructing the bearings, the company reports that bearing noise and grease consumption have been significantly reduced. Fewer bearings are being replaced due to lubrication failures or for excessive noise while operating. Together, these benefits have helped the company generate cost savings related to reduced repair and lubrication expenses.

*This proof of performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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