Mobil Bypass Filtration and Mobil LubeGuard breathers help customer enhance equipment protection

Estimated total cost of ownership

savings of $228K

Mobil Bypass Filtration and Mobil LubeGuard


A Pacific Coast offshore production platform operates a re-injection reciprocating compressor. During a scheduled overhaul, maintenance personnel discovered extensive corrosion on the oil-wetted surfaces of the engine crankcase. Results of Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis detected persistent levels of water and chemical contamination in the lubricant, which contributed to the component damage. While steps were taken to mitigate leaking seals, environmental conditions made water contamination an ongoing problem. Company managers approached ExxonMobil to determine a maintenance strategy for combating contamination and preventing component corrosion.


Following a thorough equipment inspection, ExxonMobil engineers recommended installing a Mobil Bypass Filtration System to remove water, along with a Mobil LubeGuard desiccant lubricant reservoir breather to maximize lubricant performance. Field engineers also recommended performing Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis on a routine basis to monitor equipment and oil condition.


More than three years after installing the preventive maintenance equipment, Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis results have confirmed that water is being successfully removed from the compressor and shipping pump. Maintenance personnel are pleased to report that both pieces of equipment are operating reliably, without showing any signs of corrosion-related damage. Mobil Bypass Filtration and Mobil LubeGuard desiccant breathers have helped this offshore oil production platform reduce water contamination on its reciprocating compressors, preventing corrosion and improving equipment reliability to generate a company-estimated total cost of ownership savings of US $228,000 in reduced maintenance and labor costs.

*This proof of performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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