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Synthetic lubricant for sugar mills

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What products are suitable for sugar mills?

Mobil™ SM 16M is a synthetic lubricant developed specifically for sugar mill applications – including large roller bearings, thrust bearings and boundary lubrication – for conditions seen in heavily leaded, low-speed gears. It has a viscosity of 16000 cSt at 40°C and is a NSF H1 registered lubricant for incidental food contact. It was designed to be more pumpable than the Mobilgear SHC™ 22M and 46M lubricants.

However, Mobilgear SHC 22M and 46M are both suitable for mills in sugar plants, where NSF H1 for incidental food contact is not required.

Your ExxonMobil representative can tailor a specific recommendation based on the particular application requirement.
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