Food and beverage

Food and beverage

From the growth of agricultural and farming products to the finished food available to consumers, our lubricants are there to protect your equipment in each step of the production and supply chain. Food safety is a priority for us. Our offer includes a variety of food grade lubricants, NSF-H1 registered for incidental food contact, Halal, Kosher and Parve approved and formulated to not to contribute to MOAH content in food. Our products are manufactured in ISO 22000 certified facilities to ensure the highest standards of product integrity and independent verification.

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Success stories and industry insights

Discover how Mobil lubrication solutions have helped customers achieve new heights in their food and beverage productions.
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The challenge with of MOSH & MOAH in food industries

Increasing focus on food safety has driven manufacturers to review every aspect of their food production process.

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