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Productivity demands on the metal manufacturing industry have never been greater. The equipment in today’s metal manufacturing plants require specialized lubricants that perform in the harshest environments, including high temperatures, heavy loads and wet conditions.

Mobil offers a complete range of lubricants for the metals industry, including OEM-approved products with years of proven performance, as well as advanced problem-solving synthetic oils and greases, including:

We also bring expertise through our Mobil Serv℠ Engineering Services to help your plant optimize its lubrication program, troubleshoot equipment and proactively inspect and monitor your equipment for a more efficient and profitable operation.

Technical Resources

Mobil Centaur XHP 461 Increases Bearing Life | Mobil™

A California steel manufacturer switched to Mobil Centaur XHP™ 461 bearing grease for its roll stand bearings and realized an estimated annual savings of US $116,368. Learn more.

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Equipment preservation procedures using Mobil™ rust preventives

Rust is a specific type of corrosion that occurs on iron and steel surfaces when both water and oxygen are present. Since there is generally always moisture in the air, and dissolved air in water, the catalysts for rust creation are nearly always present. Unfortunately, rusting equipment costs industry billions of dollars every year and creates safety hazards for employees. In this article, see how implementing a rust prevention program can help your operation minimize downtime, optimize production, control maintenance costs and promote long equipment life.

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Hydraulic Oil Decreases Maintenance Costs | Mobil™

An Italian steel mill upgraded their hydraulic oil to Mobil SHC 524 synthetic hydraulic oil to increase drain intervals and decrease oil deposit and sludge formation,

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Circulating oil increases spindle life span | Mobil™

With Mobil SHC 639, a hot rolling mill was able to increase spindle life span and and avoid failures for 32 months.

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