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Pulp and paper  

In the pulp, paper and forestry industry, efficiency is key to being competitive. Whether you're producing newsprint, fine papers or corrugated boxboard; your equipment has to run continuously and efficiently. Otherwise, you're losing time and money.

Building on our years of service to the industry, Mobil™ industrial lubrication solutions are well suited for the harsh environments found in pulp and paper production. Working with major equipment builders we’ve engineered our products to perform at operating speeds over 2,000 m/min in high temperatures and in caustic washes.

We are true problem solvers. Drawing on a robust line of synthetic and premium mineral oils and greases, we deliver advanced Mobil Serv℠ Engineering Services for diverse applications including paper machines, wood-yard equipment, wastewater treatment and power generation equipment.

We have also expanded our long-standing experience in the pulp and paper industry into the corrugated packaging sector. And we have developed dedicated solutions to meet the needs of this demanding industry.

Among our latest innovations is Mobil SHC™ Grease 462 PF synthetic lubricant, a high performance grease that delivers superior bearing protection for corrugated rollers operating at temperatures up to 240˚C and in the presence of moisture. In addition, Mobil SHC™ Grease 462 PF is also NSF H1 registered for accidental food contact, completing our lubrication solutions offer for food related sectors.

We back our lubricants with insightful advice on lubrication practices, equipment troubleshooting and other services to help you minimize equipment downtime and reduce operating expenses.

Technical Resources

Mobil SHC™ PM 320 improves equipment reliability | Mobil™ Lubricants

Learn how Mobil SHC™ PM circulating oil helped a Maine paper mill improve equipment reliability and extend oil drain intervals to generate a company-estimated savings of US $34,500 over three years.

Success stories, PDF

Mobil SHC Gear 220 synthetic gear oil prevents gearbox damage | Mobil™

After experiencing roller bearing vibration damage, a German tissue paper manufacturer switched to Mobil SHC Gear 220 to provide sufficient lubricant protection.

small things can make a difference, PDF

Mobil SHC™ PM 320 triples oil life and increases uptime | Mobil™ Lubricants

A Virginia paper mill’s switch to Mobil SHC™ PM 320 synthetic paper machine oil tripled oil life and reduced cleaning and related plant downtime. Learn more.

Success stories, PDF

Mobil SHC™ 636 helps extend oil life and reduce labor costs | Mobil™ Lubricants

Switching to Mobil SHC™ 636 synthetic circulating oil helped an Ontario-based paper producer extend oil drain intervals and reduce labor and equipment-related costs. Learn more.

Success stories, PDF

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