Natural gas compressor

Natural gas compressors

Performance recommendations: Keep your equipment running best by choosing the lubricant recommended for specific operating conditions.
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Lubricants for Natural gas compressors

Technical resources

Mobil SHC™ Rarus compressor maintenance blog | Mobil™

Learn more about compressor maintenance service contracts and how they may be costing you money on unnecessary oil changes.

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Mobil Pegasus™ 805 helps extend compressor life | Mobil™

Devon Gas Services uses Mobil Pegasus™ 805 to extend compressor life and improve productivity.

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Industrial Maintenance | Lubrication Training | Mobil™

Expert engineers conduct customized training sessions to help operations adopt better lubrication practices.

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Engine Oil Analysis | Industrial Lubricant Analysis | Mobil™

Experts monitor engine and lubricant conditions to detect premature engine wear and contamination before they cause failure.

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Additional natural gas compressor applications

  • Axial and centrifugal

  • Rotary screw compressor

  • Rotary screw

    Mobil SHC™ Rarus Series

    Limit costly downtime by choosing Mobil SHC Rarus Series – synthetic air compressor oils that can meet the demands of today’s severe service conditions.