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Gas turbine blades


We want to make sure you find the right product for the right application. Explore below for specific product details and recommendations related to your application.
Performance recommendations: Keep your equipment running best by choosing the lubricant recommended for specific operating conditions.
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Lubricants for Turbines

Technical resources

Industrial Shovel Optimization | Mobil™

Mobil Serv, Article

Mobil DTE 832 turbine oil helps prevent turbine downtime | Mobil™

By switching to Mobil DTE 832, Dynergy Midwest Generations extended the oil life and reliability of its gas turbines.

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Equipment preservation procedures using Mobil™ rust preventives

Rust is a specific type of corrosion that occurs on iron and steel surfaces when both water and oxygen are present. Since there is generally always moisture in the air, and dissolved air in water, the catalysts for rust creation are nearly always present. Unfortunately, rusting equipment costs industry billions of dollars every year and creates safety hazards for employees. In this article, see how implementing a rust prevention program can help your operation minimize downtime, optimize production, control maintenance costs and promote long equipment life.

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Laboratory tests for steam and gas turbine oils | Mobil™

Learn how to help predict the operational performance of your steam and gas turbines based on lube oil analysis.

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    Mobil SHC™ 800 Series

    Through proprietary base oils and specifically chosen additives, Mobil SHC™ 800 Series turbine oils deliver high performance in severe applications.

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