bearing with red Mobilith grease

Mobil™ greases

Damage to your equipment affects reliability and performance. This often causes downtime which can result in extra waste, and extra cost.

Mobil™ greases offer long regreasing intervals, enhanced equipment life, and exceptional protection even in extreme conditions*. Boost your productivity with our conventional and synthetic greases, available in a broad range of NLGI grades and fluid viscosities for a variety of applications.

Enhanced protection for productivity that sticks

Watch the video and see how greases protect and enhance the productivity of global industry. Mobil™ Greases provide different solutions for your critical equipment.

Explore Mobil™ Greases

Explore below for specific product details and recommendations for your grease needs.

  • Oil drum

    Mobilith SHC Series

    Antiwear and extreme pressure greases. Designed for applications where reduced friction, low wear and long service life are required.

  • Oil drum

    Mobilgrease XHP™ 320 Mine Series

    For severe operating conditions, including high temperature and water contamination. 5% molybdenum disulfide provides additional protection

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC Polyrex™ Series

    Synthetic greases designed to improve productivity by solving high temperature lubrication problems in general & food processing industries

  • Oil drum

    Mobil Centaur™ XHP 460 Series

    Multipurpose Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease. The inherent EP properties exhibit great stability in the presence of water.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC grease 460 WT

    High performance synthetic grease for wind turbines that also retains excellent performance in hostile aqueous environment

  • Oil drum

    UNIREX™ N Series

    Multipurpose grease with applications in a wide range of industries most particularly for electric motors and sealed-for-life bearings.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil grease XHP220 Series

    Extended service lithium complex greases intended for a wide variety of applications and severe operating conditions.

  • Oil drum

    Mobilux™ EP Series

    Suitable for equipment where moist or wet conditions are common. Recommended for most types of industrial applications including heavy-duty.

  • Lubricants by industrial applications

    View our solutions for industrial applications

    Whatever your application, we have the products that you can rely on to help increase up-time and efficiency* across all your industrial equipment. Explore the solutions that help you perform.

  • on/off-highway applications

    Looking for on/off highway applications?

    The most demanding conditions require solutions that can handle the challenge. Our extensive range of products are specifically designed to help ensure your operations run more efficiently* and more reliably.

*Actual benefits can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used. Extended life and energy efficiency is based on normal use of the product, as described in the technical instructions from ExxonMobil